ur blog is making me feel so 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


And if some fucking asshole feels the need to tell me to ‘just move out’ or anything bull shit suggestion like that, I have this reaction prepared for you:

Oh. OH! Oh my god. Moving out… Moving. Out. How did I not think of this?! HAHA woww and here I am just not thinking of doing that- and then you come along— and fucking blow my mind with this sensational suggestion. What a window of wisdom I get to peer into. Thank you SO much because that honestly never showed up in my mindscape. I’m just forever grateful that you came along and plucked this one out. Just move out. Just fucking move out. Okay great I’ll just call up the moving truck guys and get my shit over to my new place asap. So incredibly easy. Thanks chum. Thanks pal. Thanks there buddy dude for this fucking delusional piece of shit advice because QUITE clearly that was and is the first thought on my mind when it comes to this stuff.


I fucking need a better fucking job to make enough fucking money to get me the FUCK OUT OF HERE


me when i see new messages in my ask


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